Our identity rests not on the opinion of others, rather, it hinges on two things: who we think we are and who we choose to be.

While as a Christian I know my true identity is found in God’s truth, the lived out reality of my life will rest on my thoughts of myself. What I believe about myself and the things I choose, i.e. how I spend my time, how I will treat people etc,… this will impact and shape my identity.

It’s been interesting working on my book and re-visiting my experience on Logos II as a 12 and 13 year old. Adolescence is tough and it is time when we are figuring things out, developing as an individual. It’s been fascinating stepping back and writing my story – viewing it from a writer’s perspective. I feel lucky to have such a rich and different life to glean from as I shape the clay of this book. I’ve been praying that God would inspire me and give me discipline and courage to write – it is lonely and can be EXTREMELY boring – and I am incredibly thankful that He has answered this prayer. And now that I have finally invited him into the process of writing, I’m excited to continue seeing the story take shape…

seeing myself emerge. The way I saw myself – the identity I formed. A girl from the sea. This is the story I didn’t have the words for and I am now mining for them… laying a line through the woods of my experience…

Thankful for the words I’m finding. Wish me luck!

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