Guilt Free Writing

Being an achiever and a writer, I set high goals for myself in an attempt to spend as much time writing as possible. Sometimes these self expectations become bulky burdensome clanging chains because life happens and unexpected events, good and bad, come up.

In my reading this past week, the following two ideas lifted the chains.  The first spoke to my fear of being stuck: writer’s block.  

1)  If you are experiencing writer’s block, you may not be writing on the right topic.  Writer’s block is an internal warning that we are writing on something we are not passionate about, or do not have sufficient information on.  ** I don’t remember where I read this.

What a unique way to look at writer’s block.  Instead of beginning to fret, “I’m stuck,” take a deep breath and evaluate.  Am I passionate about this subject?  What do I want to say?  Do I have enough information?  Let’s shift our view of the ‘blockage’ to embrace it as an opportunity to reflect and gain perspective.  

2) You do not need to write everyday by Kathy Leonard Cziepel in the August 2012 issue of The Writer.  A gentle reminder that we all go through seasons and while we may wish to write everyday, we may not be able to because of an 8 to 5 work schedule or having small children.

I loved this.  Like a fresh breeze, her words also lifted the weight of expectation and I realized that I am doing my best.  This season of working full time, being newly married and desiring to cultivate deep friendships is okay.  I will give writing what I can and then let go… Some seasons will have hours available for writing, others mere minutes.  The key is to keep writing.

Writing comes more naturally when I lose the self inflicted guilt and over the top expectations.

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Maria Keckler
19 July 2012 4:32 pm

It’s great to come across your blog again! So glad you found Jeff Goins and CopyBlogger too. I’m a big fan of both as well. Look forward to reading more and hearing about how your writing focus evolves. By the way, I love this: “Writer’s block is an internal warning that we are writing on something we are not passionate about.” I think I’ll be twitting that.


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