Guideposts to Success

August 16, 2012


  • Self Doubt
  • Fear
  • Frustration

I used to see these as defeat. As an artist I avoided these feelings and often caved into them, giving up on the project I was working on before completion.  The Eeyore syndrom = give up because you may fail.

But after reading the stories of published writers, I have realized these feelings are not signs of defeat but of life.  Here is how I have reframed them along with questions to remind me of what I have committed to.  These can apply to writing but are also true of other areas of life such as career or relationships.

Feelings of self doubt mean it is important to me to succeed. It also signals that the task is challenging and requires growth.  Will I grow and meet the challenge despite self doubt?  

Feeling fear reminds me that I care passionately and deeply about this project and am afraid of failure.  Will I commit to moving forward despite the outcome? 

When my frustration levels rise, it means I or my skill are not where they need to be to achieve my goal.  Will I find the resources necessary to grow both myself and my skill?  

Framing the emotions as questions allows me to answer YES and move forward despite them.

This picture illustrates the way I often feel, timidly moving forward with a small lamp in my hand that barely illuminates my next steps.  I see glimpses of the road ahead and where I would like to go but the pathway curves out of sight and all I know are the next few steps and after that… but I remind myself that I care about the journey and the project and so I will move forward and through the feelings and fears that would hold me back.

I would love to hear how you deal with these emotions in your life and how you interpret them?

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