Writing Confession

September 20, 2012

I used to despise writing prompts, holding to the perfectionist opinion that I should have creativity and skill mastered.  I read, and even advised others, that creativity is best cultivated from a habit of thinking, brainstorming, practicing and creating.  While I shared this advice with others, I did not want to accept it for myself.  I talked about writing and creating, but avoided committing to a schedule that included consistent practice.

I waited for inspiration to come, like a lightning bolt, holding myself above the hard work of creating and fleshing out sleepy ideas into living breathing giants.  It’s easy to avoid that which we most long for, whether from pride or fear.  What will I write?  Will it be any good?  Will anyone read it?  I allowed these questions to drown out the writer’s voice in me that wanted to create.

This mentality began to shift as I began to schedule time for writing and research.  I started writing instead of merely talking about it.  I reread the truth that writing takes time and practice and began to internalize it, moving forward despite my fears.  I feel less like a ship being tossed around by my emotions and level of inspiration, and more like a ship anchored and secure in the knowledge that writing takes time and that I want to invest the time, regardless of the result.

Is there a project or skill you want to spend time on but that you have been avoiding or a skill you have been successfully improving?  We’d love to hear your thoughts…

**response to writing prompt “Fess Up” in No One Cares WHat You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason.

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Thanks for sharing this Dee. This is where I am with art. I want it to be perfect, inspirational, unique, awe inspiring. And yet I avoid doing it because I often feel uninspired, tired, flawed, boring, etc. thanks for the encouragement to do it with all the imperfections and lack of inspiration. To practice and experiment and create even the simple things – I guess that is art – expression.


I’m glad we can journey together :) I just wish you lived closer!


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