Greedy Eyes – Black Friday…Thursday

November 26, 2012

I watched the mob scene from the sidelines.  Although I had heard stories, I was shocked to see the pushing masses that filled the store and the look of hardness in people’s eyes as they zoned in on the purchases they hoped for.  The stories are true.

Jon worked on Thanksgiving afternoon and evening.  We spent the morning volunteering at church at a free Thanksgiving meal being offered to the community.  A few hours after Jon left for work, I went to my friend’s house.  She graciously invited me to share Thanksgiving with her family.  At seven thirty, as people were leaving, I drove to Walmart which opened at 8 p.m. on Thursday for Black Friday this year.

I was surprised and yet not surprised.  The deals were good.  Especially if you were looking for children toys or electronics.  The entire Walmart’s staff was working and some had yellow security vests on, making them more visible as they herded the masses.  They focused on keeping the people moving and attempting to keep the store organized and calm.  It didn’t work as hundreds of people flooded through the store.

I didn’t stay long and didn’t score any deals, but I hadn’t planned to.  As I drove home I was thankful for all I had: a beautiful apartment home, a husband who loves me, more than enough food,  clothes, faithful and fun friends, and a family (and now two with the addition of Jon’s) who I feel blessed to be connected to and spend time with.

 Happy Thanksgiving & Christmas Season!

Let’s remember all we have and thank God for His many gifts.

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I’ve never seen it with my own eyes, so thanks for the window in! So good to realize that we are indeed blessed with what we have right now – in the moment!


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