Reflection – October 2012

November 06, 2012

Because this blog is about the importance of reflection, I thought it appropriate to share some of my reflections on the month of October.  It was a busy month.  When I reflect I like to think about what happened during the month as well as what my goals were and how I did meeting them.  

I blew my October goals out of the water, reading four books, meeting my writing goals–to consistently blog and write 2 months of time in The Girl from the Sea–and consistently working out, keeping off the eight pounds I lost last month.

This month, I’m cutting back on my reading goals to focus on writing.

It’s easy to be swept forward. Each day fills itself with good intentions and everyday tasks, distractions and social events.  Before we know it, the month is over and we have not achieved what we hoped to.  I’m reminded that growth is not something we are swept into. Instead, it is something we must seek, pursue and make time for.  The same applies to creating.  We won’t magically find time to create or to hone the skills we hope to.  It’s going to take deliberation, planning and action.

What are your goals?

Jon won an award at work this month, he and three of his team members helped save a life a few months back.  We attended the bi-annual award ceremony together for those who has been promoted over the last 6 months and those who received a Chief’s Award.  Jon inspires me, not just in this instance, but in his dedication to excellence in the big and small things.

This month included the engagement of a dear friend,  babysitting my niece AnneMarie for the first time,  attending a Turning Point rally in Altanta GA,  visiting with my parents in Atlanta after the rally and time with friends.

How was your October?

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