Taking Risks – Flying Through the Air

November 14, 2012

Trapeze artists hurl themselves through the air.  Momentarily suspended, they catch themselves on swings or the hands or legs of another artist. They take risks, but they have spent hours practicing and most have a net hung below them.

As I apply the art of trapeze artists and admire their daring, I wonder:

What risks am I taking?

It’s easy to fall into routine and to find days drifting by, especially as we near the holidays.  But what am I acting upon, what decisions am I making with my time, talents and energy?

My recent risks have been in writing and leadership.  I have great news to share.  My initiative of pursuing a writing opportunity has been successful and before the end of the month I will be receiving my first paid assignment.  I hope this is the first of many.  Putting myself out there felt like hurling through the air, and I’m thankful that this attempt was successful.

The path to success in writing is paved with rejection and missed attempts.  Keep writing.  This is the motto of successful writers and it distinguishes them from those who are half-hearted in their pursuit of writing.  Keep...how do you finish this sentence?  What do you want to keep doing?

In leadership, I have been embracing my position as a manager with greater confidence and focus.  After praying, brainstorming and creating a plan, I know how I would like my department to grow and succeed.  This is the beginning of that journey and again, while I am afraid to put my leadership and ideas on the table (they may be rejected), giving my best means taking risks and pushing myself.

What risks are you taking?  What are you learning? 

I’d love to hear from you.   Deanne

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