Help us create Christmas traditions

December 10, 2012

This is our first Christmas being married and the Christmas season feels new. I’ve been reflecting on how we want to spend our time before and during Christmas. Because we are beginning our journey together, we have the opportunity to examine our traditions, create new ones, and lay a foundation for the years to come.

As we brainstorm, we’d love to hear how you celebrate Christmas? What traditions do you and your loved ones have?

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Christmas Eve – Candlelight service, order a pizza to-go after the service. While waiting for it to be ready, we’d drive around looking at Christmas lights. Then we’d go home, eat pizza, watch a movie and then open one present before bed.

Christmas morning – wake up, Dad puts Christmas egg dish in oven, open presents together. Eat Christmas brunch. Then go caroling in the afternoon. (Caroling was more fun after I graduated from high school. :) )


Thanks Jill! Love it! I was able to say hi to your parents and cute niece and nephew (the twins) when I visited the office a few months ago. You have a wonderful family!


Jasper and I are discussing this right now and heard about one I’d like us to try… Early dinner then dessert at a fav dessert place downtown. Then a walk admiring lights and decor ending at a fun hotel lobby to relax in, maybe reading the nativity story together if we can. Lol!! Need to research this in az. I also like our own fam time Christmas Eve and then extended fam/friends on Christmas. :)


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