Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

February 01, 2013

I hadn’t given my emotional intelligence much thought until I took the test.

Taking the test was part of my small group leadership homework. I began the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 quiz (affiliate link) with confidence, assured that I would uncover strengths that needed little building. As I read through the questions, my self-confidence began to lag as my areas of weakness were highlighted. It’s true.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.

My highest score was self-awareness. No surprise here. Most of my thoughts flow in and around interpreting my world and how I feel and think about it. My lowest score was social awareness, probably stemming from my laser focus on my own interaction with the world, while my scores for self and social management fell between the two extremes. My emotions sometimes get the best of me.

At that moment, while reading my results, it would have been easy to let my perfectionism take over and start the journey towards self-pity and disdain. But perfectionism is futile. Instead I accepted that the quiz highlighted what is true of me.

I am self aware but I do struggle to respond calmly, managing situations and emotions instead of allowing them to manage me. I love people, but sometimes I miss social cues, or worse, go into hiding because I feel self-conscious or fearful in social situations.

I’m looking forward to delving into the strategies Emotional Intelligence 2.0 offers and sharing the journey with you.

How would you score in the four areas?

Self Awareness. Self Management. Social Awareness. Social Management.

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Yessenia Guillen
01 February 2013 8:38 am

D, We had a group presentation yesterday based on “Emotional Intelligence”; and we used this book as our primary source. I highly recommend the “Relationship Management” chapter! Thumbs Up!


Deanne, it’s just like the “shock” we get when we look unawares into a mirror or when we hear a recording of our voice isn’t it?

You might want to look at the emergenetics profiling as well. That’s a test that shows you what your communication style is. I’ve a post about it that you might find interesting on


Hey Audrey,
I checked out the website but couldn’t find pricing anywhere and didn’t want to give my info out until I knew how much it was going to cost.


Hey, sorry … I reposted that link again on your last post because I didn’t see this response. I got the test for about S40 I think at

You might want to email and ask him if he can connect you to the test site.

It’s originally from the US so you should probably be able to find someone there to send it to you.

Good luck.


Thank you. I have some other tests that have proved helpful (strengths finder, Myers Briggs, and another one through work), so I’m not interested at this time, but it sounds interesting.


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