Do You Know My Name

February 08, 2013

This EQ (Emotional Intelligence) strategy is simple: call people by name.

It’s easy to forget names. When I meet someone I try to repeat their name during our initial conversation. If I see them again and have forgotten their name, I fess up and ask them to remind me. This keeps me honest. Knowing I will have to ask their name again instead of pretending I remember gives me greater incentive to remember.

When people remember my name, I feel important, noticed and known.

I want others to feel the same.

Jon and I have been attending our new church for almost 9 months now. We’ve met new people and there are names I’m struggling to remember. I’ve started a list of people I know. I add a brief description of them and any details that came up during our conversation. This is helping me jog my memory when I return to church a week later.

The EQ strategy suggests that every time you enter a room, be sure to greet people by name and when you are speaking with someone, address them by name.

Good advice.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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Yes, very good advice and a great reminder; I know I need to do this more. Thanks.


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