It’s Easy to Forget People

February 04, 2013

It’s becoming more than a routine, this early morning rising. Drinking my glass of water, I read, allowing my mind to begin the day with wonder. Learning. The sky lightens as the sun rises above the buildings.

A pause at the beginning of this day.

Feet propped on the coffee table, aroma of coffee and candle scenting the air. I read slowly, glancing from page to window so as not to miss the sunrise.

Responsibility, to do lists and work will come soon enough. This is my time, my hour and a half of peaceful silence to rest, center, draw close to God and weave words together. It ends too soon.

Soon I will leave my castle of silence and enter the world of people. 

Social Awareness. I wasn’t surprised to have the lowest EQ score in this area.

To be socially aware, you have to spot and understand people’s emotions while you’re right there in the middle of it–a contributing, yet astutely aware member of the interaction” (Bradberry, 39).

Especially at work, I tend to get lost in my tasks. The day stretches ahead of me, like a road in the game Mario Bros. with coins to be collected and creatures to defeat. I forget about the people.

Flipping through the Social Awareness strategies, I’m looking forward to improving this ability. Especially as a Manager of 22 people, I can’t afford not to.

Before I delve into the strategies, I’d love to hear from you.

Is social awareness a strength or a weakness for you? What do you do to be socially aware?

Bradberry, Travis and Jean Graves. Emotional Intelligence 2.0. San Diego: Talentsmart ,2009.

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Love reading about all your discoveries.

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