Lost Cause or Lost in a Cause?

I love getting lost in a project. Time speeds by as I forget everything except the creation taking form before me. Engrossed in the project, I forget about liking or disliking the process.

At work, I believe in what I do. When I am focused on the end goals of serving people, customers and co-workers, the difficult tasks become easier. Having a greater purpose gives me perspective and motivation to complete the tasks I hate.

When I write, I try to keep the end goal in mind. What am I trying to say? What is my purpose in writing this piece? How will it affect my readers?

When I get the end goal clear in my mind, the process becomes easier. The desired results motivate me to complete the process. With the end result in mind, it’s easy to get lost in the project.

The less time I think about the process and its difficulty, and the more time I spend doing the process with the end goal in mind, the more likely I am to complete it.

What do you do to get lost in your projects?

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Well said Deanne! I use the backwards design approach at work… Helps keep me on track. I need to remember this in parenting as well! :)


That’s awesome! I hadn’t thought about applying it to parenting – good point.


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