My Journey of Silence

Today I’m returning to the real world. The world of work, to do lists and routine.

Fog gently curls around buildings outside my patio window, reminding me of the mystery and sacredness of life.

Jon and I celebrated our first year anniversary last week with much needed time away. We left our home, distractions and work behind and spent three full days sleeping, eating and slow walking – enjoying – our favorite San Diego places.

Then Jon returned to work and I embraced solitude: Silencing external voices to focus on understanding and ordering my world.

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle of everyday life.

I learned that I was tired, worn thin and need to take better care of myself. I learned that I’m content with the increase of my writing time and focus, but that I need to be gentle with myself. Writing takes time.

I take these lessons with me as I return to work, along with a soft spoken promise to myself that I will take better care of myself & not wait so long before my next journey of silence.

When was the last time you enjoyed solitude? What did you learn during your time away?


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Deedle, I just thought about this this morning..I need to take a time of solitude with this pace of life – it is nuts! All good things but this time of solitude is needed. I blocked off this week to make no plans in hopes for a slower pace and regroup before I go mock-5 again. I love your posts as your words often help me put to words what I am feeling…keep it up sweet friend, you are an encouragement to many in more ways than you know.

Can’t wait for lunch this week!


Looking forward to our lunch! I love having a dear friend to live and learn with!


A good word this is. Fortunately, I am blessed with lots of solitude in my life right now, but I remember the days when I didn’t. I commend you for taking the time to make it happen.


Thank you Kaye! Each season has its blessings & challenges. I’m glad you are relishing the solitude and filling it with words :0)


Congrats on your anniversary! You are such an encouragement. Love you!


Thanks Shelly!! I love the investment you and Tim are making in the lives of so many (including my & Jon’s) couples starting the adventure of marriage. Love to you both! :0)


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