Just Add Water

It was too easy. Housewives wouldn’t use the cake mix because it felt like cheating. All Betty Crocker’s cake mix required was water. Just add water, bake and voila – a cake.

Why would you serve something that required no effort?

Betty Crocker sales were not doing well until they changed the requirements. More was required of the baker, including the adding of an egg to the cake mix. Sales skyrocketed. Today everyone has either created or eaten a Betty Crocker cake.

When you live, are you just adding water?

It’s easy to breeze through the day with little thought or intention, allowing things to happen without taking ownership of your time and attitude.

When you write, are you just adding water?

It’s easy to sit at the computer, pound out some words and post them on your blog without re-reading, editing or thinking about your readers and the purpose of your words.

Betty Crocker experts found that people feel ownership when they participate in a process, even if it is by simply adding an egg.

When we intentionally invest in projects and people, we feel connected to them and endorphins are released as we accomplish our goals. We did it!

If we’re sliding by, the only reward we receive is an empty drifting feeling of purposeless.

Hearing about Betty Crocker in church reminded me of why I spend the extra hour brain storming on blog posts for the week and reflecting on my life. It reminds me why I set goals, plan out recipes and make time for the people I love.

I have ownership of my life and want to be deeply connected to the people and projects I invest in. 

There’s a reason just adding water didn’t sit right with thousands of housewives.

We want to give gifts and create pieces that require a piece of us: our time, heart and attention.

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I like this! Participating in the process. Very good. I also liked that your blog was longer – I enjoy reading your thoughts and really appreciate it when you take your time and add more words.

Much love,



Thanks Tina! It was helpful to know you enjoy the longer posts. I try to keep it short because people are busy – but its good to hear I can make my posts longer :0)

Mike Loomis
22 April 2013 8:56 am

This is beautiful, and well done! Applies to writing, and so much more. Thank you!


Thank you Mike!


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