What Will You Do With Today?

The day awaits us. We rise, yawn, and struggle to get out of bed. The day is patient, gently beckoning us to enter. Today, this day, is yours. What will you do with it?

When I hit my snooze button, instead of rising early, I feel as though I’ve missed the best part of the day. It’s true: I’m a morning person.

The morning is fresh, crisp and soft. Birds are usually the first to break the hushed creature tones of night. When I lie in bed, a line of tall palm trees fills the view. I imagine I am in a rain forest, surrounded by luscious plants and chattering monkeys.

I must be careful to avoid the one thing that can ruin this day.

Her twisted darkness tempts me to cling to control and fight the future. If I believe her whispered lies, I change from living in the moment with thankfulness, to discouragement and wasting energy on an imagined fight.

Worry hides her poison behind a facade of control.

“If I think this over hard enough, or control events enough, then I can ensure nothing bad will happen.”

I have yet to meet a person who can control the future, or the actions of others. Those who attempt to, age prematurely and push people away. No one wants to be manipulated.

On Sunday, our Pastor spoke about worry, “I won’t make you raise your hand if you struggle with spiraling thoughts and negativity.”

Inwardly, I raised my hand.

The weekend had been cleansing. I stopped doing and rested. I walked by the ocean and paused, surrendering my worry over the unknown future. I confessed my fears and desire to control.

I felt free.

Monday went smoothly. Work was busy (as usual) and I began to prepare for my Tuesday night writing class. She snuck up on me and by the time she had filled my mind with words, it was too late. I worried.

An hour later, laying bed, I struggled to find a way to mute her lies. I wish I could say I was successful. Instead, I waited for sleep, which finally came.

This morning, I awoke worried and after continuing to spiral, finally took the antidote: t r u s t.

I turned praise music on, willing my attention to turn from my fears to the One who is powerful. He never fears.

Now, as I type this confession of fear and negativity, I am slowly freed. The lyrics wash over me, reminding me of who God is. I remember:

  • I don’t know the future.
  • I can’t control it.
  • I need help.
  • I am weak.
  • I need God.

As I let go of control and expectations and move towards


the lies are slowly quieted.

The day awaits me.

Today I will thank God for His gifts, instead of being blinded by worry.

May your day be filled with trust and thanksgiving

This day is ours.

What will we do…?

I’d love to hear from you.

How do you dispel worry?

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So insightful Deanne! Very good reminder, trust in Him is the antidote!



Thanks Jon!


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