What’s Your Message?

September 03, 2013

My tired questioning before going on vacation dovetailed nicely into the ideas of Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin.

Godin’s ideas helped me find what was missing from my work.

Our greatest investment at work is not what we do, but what we bring to work: our personality, attitude and connection to others.

Someone else can do your job; they can create a spreadsheet or lead a meeting. As much as we like to think otherwise, we are replaceable. If you were to die, a replacement would be found and may even do a better job than you.

This does not mean we should give up on completing assignments, but we can become too focused on tasks. Before going on vacation I had been forgetting my purpose and overlooking the people I work with.

Godin talks about art being a message, not a medium. What we communicate is more important than the method we use to communicate it.

What is my message?  

What will you write with the canvas of your life.

What will you write with the canvas of your life.

Since picking up this book, I’ve been thinking about what lasts. Projects and tasks will be replaced by new projects and tasks. People remain.

My passion for investing in my employees has grown.  My message at work is that each of us is important and can make a difference. I aim to create a department where people are valued and equipped.

My message at home is the message of my love for Jon. I build it through my words and actions as we share conversations and time.

My message here on this blog is about how important it is to think about our lives (reflect), change our lives (grow) and to give generously of our lives (give).

We miss too much when we don’t pay attention to ourselves, the people around us and the world. I’m only half way through the book and looking forward to the other ideas within its pages.

I love hearing from you. 

What’s the message you want to build with your life and work? 

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I’m saying Hi.
The heat has slowed my creativity.
My favorite subject is words. I also had a
few quotes I left at home. Have a good night.


Hi Shirleen.
Yes, it’s harder to create in the heat, but Fall will be upon us soon. Hope you are well.


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