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Hello, my name is Deanne M. Welsh (dwelsh@eclecticwaters.com), and I’m a writer.

I love words, stories, salsa dancing, techno music, deep conversations and laughing with my husband.

Eclectic Waters is the pen name I created as a teenager when my family returned to the sea. I’m Canadian, currently living near San Diego, USA, and I spent my childhood in Germany and on ships sailing around the world.

Eclectic–that’s me: abstract, goofy, deep, random, and absent-minded.

Water–takes on many forms and is life-giving, like words.

I created this blog because I believe that life rushes forward: beautiful, difficult & fast and that our best life is found when we intentionally reflect, grow and give.

My burning questions are:

  • How can we live this life amidst the busyness and distractions of each day?
  • What is your story and what do you have to contribute to the world?
  • How do successful writers use their gift to lead and inspire others?

Here, at Eclectic Waters, is where we PAUSE: taking time to reflect, grow and brainstorm ways to live generously. We can make a difference.

If you have a passion to live an intentional and influential life or to change the world through your writing, this blog is for you.

I usually post three to four times per week and always try to serve my readers. If you want to stay connected and receive a free copy of my upcoming e-book, Living with Dragons, you can subscribe to my blog posts (top of this page, right hand side).

Another way to stay connected is by liking Eclectic Waters on facebook.

Deanne Welsh