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Eli Coming Home from Hospital

The Dichotomy of Desire

Have you ever been caught in seemingly contradictory emotions? A bride preparing for her joyous wedding day: thrilled to be getting married while feeling deeply discouraged over the myriad of details that need to be…

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Eli 2 months

Returning to Words

Words suddenly disappear; for those who craft and sculpt words into sentences of substance, it’s easy to panic when they do. The magician behind the disappearing act can be anything from a lack of discipline…

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How to Wait for Things

There is some debate on exactly when the final trimester of pregnancy begins. Some say week 28, while some divide the weeks of pregnancy and say 26.67 weeks. At any rate, I am on the brink…

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Eclectic Waters Downtime

Dear Friends, I’m excited to announce that changes are coming to I’ve been dreaming about these changes for awhile, but they are finally ready to launch. Starting tomorrow afternoon, Thursday February 13th, this website…

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4 Ways to Defeat Your Critics

“What are you doing?” “That’s not good enough.” “What a stupid thing to do.” “I had a feeling you wouldn’t make it.” There’s nothing like pregnancy hormones to increase the volume of my critics. There...Read More
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