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Daddy’s Girl

What do you think of when you hear the phrase? I used to think of a tomboy or a spoiled daughter with a princess complex, but over the past few years have discarded these definitions…

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Will you build something?

  Every eye misted over as she stepped into the chapel and made her way down the aisle. We knew her story. She had been brave, slowly learning to trust again after having been deeply…

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Friend Finder

We’ve been having lunch together, every Thursday, for the last four years. We met briefly seven years ago but then Julie moved to Texas and we lost track of one another. When she was given…

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Where do love stories go?

It’s easy to forget the beginning. The first meeting. The first conversation. The first time you knew this was more than friendship. Guest posting for Teresa Shields Parker took me back to the beginning. You…

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Just Add Water

It was too easy. Housewives wouldn’t use the cake mix because it felt like cheating. All Betty Crocker’s cake mix required was water. Just add water, bake and voila – a cake. Why would you…

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