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Finding Your Writing Rhythm

Sometimes writing feels like another task on my to do list. It’s heavy as stone and when I look at my time, I’m not sure how or if I want to fit it in. I…

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Are You Committed to Creating?

I’ve been taking a break from words. I was discouraged before going on vacation about how long this process of writing and fine tuning Living with Dragons has taken. When I returned from vacation, it…

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Will you build something?

  Every eye misted over as she stepped into the chapel and made her way down the aisle. We knew her story. She had been brave, slowly learning to trust again after having been deeply…

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Generosity Wins! Or Does It…?

What’s your philosophy? What’s your plan? As I delve deeper into the world of writing, these questions arise with greater frequency. It’s no longer just me asking myself. Others have begun to read my words…

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How to Thrive through Rejection – A Guest Blog by Tina Bustamante

I met Tina Bustamante when I was a teenager living aboard a missionary ship. From the beginning, I admired her. She seemed to embrace life in all its complexity and beauty. She was, after all,…

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